Watch Testers


OSO-T-SBT Seiko Battary Tester


OSO-7020-Y1 Anti-Magnetizer


OSO-7022 Multi Fonctions Tester Battery, Pulse , Day diffirence & Demagnetizer


OSO-7021 Multi Fonctions Tester Battery, Pulse , Day diffirence & Demagnetizer


OSO-7024 Battery & Pulse Tester


OSO-7025  Watch & Battery Tester


OSO-7023 Battary Tester


OSO-7020 Demagnetizer


OSO-7017 Demagnetizer


OSO-7016 Rotation instrument rack

Hand Tools

Retta Pliers and Chisel

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Retta Pliers and Chisel Retta Brand Quality Stainless Steel Pliers and Chisel Assortment Size: 4.5mm x 120mm Models: A: Wide Mouth Pliers B: Chisel C: Cone Pliers D: Wide Mouth Chisel

Moebius 9020-2

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Moebius 9020-2 100% synthetic universal fluid thin oil based on ether and aliphatic alcohol with excellent resistance to aging and good resistance to pressure. Also very effective for use under wet conditions. With excellent lubricity and…


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Moebius-941 100% synthetic fluid thin oil based on ether and aliphatic alcohol with excellent resistance to ageing. With excellent lubricity and outstanding grip, this oil is ideal for lubrication of lifts (escapements).


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Moebius-8000-4 Natural oil based on mineral oils and highly refined natural oils with remarkable stability. With excellent lubricity and adhesion, this oil is ideal for many applications.

Bohle-B 682-T

Bohle-B 682-T Verifix® B 682-T was specially designed for very hard glass-metal bonds in furniture construction. Hinges, shelf supports, locks, etc. can quickly be bonded to float glass or metal. Due to its impact resistance, the adhesive…


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bergeon-30670-6 Hands, cannon pinions, sweep wheels and chronograph driving wheel remover. Second hand remover, excellent fur curved countersink dials. White handle


bergeon-30180-A-C1   4 containers made of black or white ceramic. Colour contrast for a better visibility of the oil.


bergeon-30097-BC COVER AND TRAY Unbreakable. Ø 88 mm.Cover No 30097-C. Tray No 30097-B.


bergeon-30024-4 PiN VICE Round head. Chucks of hardened steel. Chromium plated handle.In wooden case.

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