Crown TNT040

Crown TNT040 A:4,70mm B:5,30mm C:2,20mm D:1,15mm

Crown TNT038

Crown TNT038 A:5,90mm B:6,80mm C:5,50mm D.1,00mm

Crown TNT036

Crown TNT036 A:6,40mm B:4,90mm C:3,80mm D.1,05mm

Retta Pliers and Chisel

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Retta Pliers and Chisel Retta Brand Quality Stainless Steel Pliers and Chisel Assortment Size: 4.5mm x 120mm Models: A: Wide Mouth Pliers B: Chisel C: Cone Pliers D: Wide Mouth Chisel

Crown TNT037

TNT037 A:6,10mm B:6,75mm C:3,65mm D.1,05mm

Crown TNT033

TNT033 A:4,10mm B:8,90mm C:4,10mm D:1,20mm

Crown TNT032

TNT032 A:6,20mm B:5,15mm C:3mm D:1mm

Crown TNT034

TNT034 A:5,30mm B:6mm C:2,45mm D:1,20mm